With the dynamic changes in the business world, organisations have to continuously strive to be productive in order to stay competitive and bring the organization to greater heights. In the process of obtaining crucial elements of knowledge and skills, we constantly seek for innovative and creative tools for our customers to achieve cost savings in all aspects of working resources and meeting high productivity in their business.


We design, build, install and maintain simulator operational training solutions for our customers.

Our simulator product offerings include, Crane Simulators, Maritime Simulators and Driving Simulators.


Aptrain is a cross platform, mobile-centric Learning Management System. Aptrain utilises various forms of media to provide an immersive learning tool. Its content is thoughtfully designed to be integrated with the training scenarios in our simulators. This integration provides a seamless and holistic learning curriculum and assessment platform to our customers.

We believe that providing learners with a firm theoretical foundation, as well as experience with practical situations through simulator training, can significantly reduce the risk of costly accidents in the field caused by unfamiliar situations and gaps in knowledge.